These services are designed to create and maintain fast sites that are easy to care for. Whenever possible, it’s desirable for site owners to be trained on updating and maintaining their own sites. This saves time, saves money, and creates independence. The services listed above are available for any websites regardless of where they are hosted or who initially designed the site. The cost of services will be calculated based on the time required at the current hourly rate. [Rates]

Training (By Appointment as Desired)

The amount of training and experience you’ve had will determine how many other services you will need. If you are trained to become self-sufficient with your website, then you won’t need to pay anyone to provide regular services. [Learn More]

Here are a few goals of the web design and maintenance courses:

  • DURATION. The training sessions can be set in shorter durations so information can be more easily absorbed and applied by the learner.
  • INDEPENDENT. Resources are provided for independent learning, study, and practice at your own pace.
  • REMOTE OR IN-PERSON. Training sessions can be adapted for remote or in-person learning. For short follow-up or support questions, remote is a helpful way to get answers quickly.
  • SIMPLE. The general theme of simplicity is central to good site design and effective learning. If a site is designed to be easy to use, then the training process goes more smoothly. So, the structure and goals are designed to be simple and build upon previous learning.

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Basic Essential Maintenance (30 min to 1 hr / Month)

Regularly scheduled site maintenance and management is available. The cost depends on the amount of time needed to perform the tasks. A typical site may require 30 minutes to one hour. Larger sites may require more time.

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Premium Scheduled Services (1 – 3 hours / Month)

Some important but non-essential services are available for an additional fee. Any combination of these can be selected. The estimate of one to three hours assumes that a few of these would be addressed each month.

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